Air conditioner type duct Yamato R410A YD48IG DC Inverter 48000 BTU

Product Code: YD48IG

Yamato duct equipment is distinguished by advanced DC Inverter technology, ensuring high energy efficiency operation in all temperature conditions. In addition, the innovative fan design ensures the operation of the interior unit with low noise level.
The seasonal energy efficiency class, until A in cooling mode and A+ in heating mode, ensures the reduction of electricity consumption.
Appliances can be used in special applications (server cameras), because they work efficiently in cooling mode, even at temperatures of -15° C.
At start-up, the electric current absorbed has low intensity due to the special inverter, which ensures easy operation in situations where the installation is loaded to the limit.
The multiple possibilities of connecting the intake of fresh air, inlet, air and condensate discharge ensure the installation of the equipment as required by the project.

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Flexible installation
DC Inverter
Refrigerant R-410A
Warranty Term: 3 years full
Other available capacities from the same range:
24000 BTU
Reliability - Durability - Resistance


High efficiency

The compressor and fan are equipped with high-performance INVERTER technology, according to the latest standards, for high efficiency with a maximum electricity economy.

Smart defrosting

The defrosting of the exterior unit is no longer achieved at a certain time, but only when needed, thereby providing greater comfort and an energy saving.

Built-in condensate pump

For easy installation The Yamato boxes are equipped with a built-in condensate pump that helps to remove the water from the condensation in the exterior.

Useful materials

Energy certificate

Technical Specs

General Features

Function Cooling/Heating
Cooling capacity 8200/23900/27300 BTU
Heating capacity 7500/27300/30700 BTU
Power 1 Ph-220V-240V-50Hz
The seasonal cooling coefficient of the SEER 7.3
Seasonally yield coefficient for heating PURPOSE 4.3
Cooling energy Efficiency A + +
Energy efficiency Heating A +
Cooling power consumption 2.10 kW
Heating power consumption 2.25 kW
Outdoor operating temperature range on cooling
Outdoor operating temperature range on heating
Rated current cooling
Rated Heating current

Indoor Unit

Indoor unit airflow 1200/1160/1090/940
Acoustic pressure level 39/37/36 db (A) (H/M/L)
Sound Power level
Internal unit Neta Size 1300x450x220 mm
Net weight/brute inner unit 30/35 kg

External unit

Acoustic pressure level 52
Sound Power level
External unit Neta Size 892x340x698 mm
Net weight/bruta external unit 53/57 kg

Refrigerated route

Diameter 9.52/15.9 mm
Maximum length 50 m
Maximum level Difference 25 m