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YAMATO benefits

INVERTER technology
With Inverter technology, air conditioners are powerful, economical and noise less compared to conventional devices.
We gain our success by analising our custumers expectations. The solutions we offer are designed for each individual needs of our customers.
All YAMATO appliances are designed with an emphasis on reliability, aesthetics, energy efficiency and ease of installation.
Environment frendly
We invest in innovation to ensure that our air conditioning appliances help to protect the environment.
Quality installation
Choose a specialist Yamato distributor and you have the guaranteed the quality of installation and configuration. The device will operate at full capacity.
Customer satisfaction
By Yamato distributors we are focusing on identifying customer needs and our work toward their fulfillment.
Yamato distributors are professional specialist of air conditioning systems with experience, recommended for any project regardless complications.
Service and maintenance
We provide replacement parts through Yamato distributors. We guarantee maintenance service at the highest level of professionalism.
Warranty - up to 3 years!
Because we focus on quality, all our products receive warranty up to 3 years!